Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You, Me and Our Allergies

You, Me and Our Allergies

 While spring is a time to welcome warm days, and enjoy the greening of nature, it is also the time many of us suffer from allergies. According to Webster’s dictionary, an allergy is an abnormal or pathological reaction to environmental substances. These environmental substances can be dust, foods, and microorganisms in bad quality air. New York’s air is not good during any season, but when April showers create May flowers the big P is the most feared.

Pollens are the dust-like yellow grains containing the male reproductive cells of flowering plants. A pollen count is the average number of pollen grains in a standard volume of air at a particular time and place. For many, a high pollen count will mean congestion, itching, red eyes and a runny nose. You can add a little sneezing too. If you are a blood type O like me, you may also suffer from respiratory problems like bronchitis during this time of year. So what should we do?

Here are some suggestions. Pick up a copy of Dr. Peter J. D’Amato’s book, Eat Right 4 Your Type. Dr. D’Amato provides individualized diets for each of the four blood types. If you know your blood type you can pick up a smaller, individualized pocketbook for your blood type that lists foods that help you and foods you should avoid. If you don’t know your type, check with your doctor, your mother, or D’Amato’s web site, www.4yourtype.com, for a kit that allows you to determine your blood type.

Laura Abadsantos-Rogers (also known as master Ji) director of the New York Ki Energy Center (www.kienergycenter.com) treats allergy sufferers like me with combinations of Homeopathic remedies along with special DNA blood type diet recommendations which are safe natural without side effects. Some of the over the counter and prescription allergy drugs can be more harmful then helpful, just read the label that describes the possible side effects.

Ki Energy treatments can also be very affective during the spring allergy season. I love summer; I enjoy walking in nature but like many of you I pay the price with watery eyes, a running nose and congestion. If you would like to address your spring allergy problem naturally call the Ki Center at 917 806-1801 and make an appointment with master Ji; don’t let you allergies take away the wonderful days of spring and summer.

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