Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Chunsoo is the name of an ancient Korean Taoist healing method used to address health issues. Taoist masters use sound vibration and touch to reduce stress in the people that they treat. The technique also known as heavily (Chun) hands (Soo) allows the practitioner to decrease the vibration of the conscious mind and increase the vibration of the subconscious mind.  Korean Taoist masters are trained to administer the Ki Energy Chunsoo technique as part of their initiation into this centuries old Korean Taoist healing society.  

When the vibration of the conscious mind is decreased it goes from the stressful beta brain wave vibration to the more relaxed alpha brain wave vibration. Alpha brain waves are a sign of relaxed activity in your brain. Alpha brain waves vibrate between the frequency 8Hz – 12Hz. This high frequency is the healthiest brain wave range. Meditation, yoga and tai chi are excellent techniques to use for increasing alpha brain wave activity if done correctly.

A fifteen minute Ki Energy Chunsoo treatment is the equivalent of a half hour of meditating correctly. The increased vibration of the subconscious mind in the alpha state will enhance the immune system’s ability to address harmful blockages caused by stress. It is for this reason Ki Energy Chunsoo treatments have been used to treat; back pain, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, high blood pressure, PMS and a number of other stress related illnesses.

Creative people such as artist and musicians usually have high alpha brain wave activity. Children also have a very high alpha brain wave frequency.  Chunsoo treatments have also been useful in assisting individuals in problem solving with creative options. We are now moving into a period of universal energy shifts where the alpha brain wave thought pattern will become a more valuable tool for survival then a beta brain thought vibrational frequency.

As the saying goes there are many roads to Rome, and there are many ways to learn how to increase your alpha brainwave frequency, meditation is probably the best. The problem is, most people have difficulty in reaching the alpha state when attempting to learn how to meditate. It is almost impossible to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going. One of the many benefits of a Chunsoo treatment is to experience what it is like being in an alpha brain dominated state of mind. After experiencing this state of being a few times looking for it when learning yoga, tai chi or how to meditate will not be has frustrating. You will know where you want to be you just have to select the best method of getting there.

The New York Ki Energy Center is now in Harlem and one of the few locations in the country where you can receive a traditional Korean Taoist Chunsoo treatment. I was taught the Chunsoo technique while training to become a Taoist masters in the mountains of South Korea. If you would like to experience a Chunsoo treatment call me directly at 646 329-6727 or send an email to life@theway2wellness.info   If you visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers.info   you will find articles posted on Ki treatments and training at our Harlem location. 

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