Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nikola Tesla the Father of Scalar Energy

Nikola Tesla the Father of Scalar Energy
The Name Nikola Tesla has popped up a number of times in the past few days. I was watching the second season of XIII on Netflixs and the story was center on secret letters focused on an invention by Nikola Tesla. I took my daughter to the movie over the weekend to see Tomorrow Land and the subject of the movie was energy source discoveries (such as Tachyon energy) that were made possible by the work of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla’s name is not known to many partly due to his 1899 discovery of a machine that could tap into an unlimited source of universal energy he called Scalar or Zero Point Energy.  Tesla’s invention provided the existence an energy source that could provide free energy to the world for ever.
When Tesla’s benefactor J.P. Morgan learned of this invention he had it destroyed, withdrew all of his financial support and did all that he could to destroy Tesla’s reputation and theories which conflicted with the work of Thomas Edison an associate of Morgan.   

Einstein expanded the understanding and study of Zero-Point Energy which became the foundation of Quantum physics.  In 1977 Columbia University Physicist Gerald Feinberg defined a faster then light subatomic particle of Zero Point Energy that had form as Tachyon Energy. In 1990 David Wagner developed a process call Tachyonization, which was a way to infuse objects with Tachyon energy.

Research has showed that Tachyon energy tools can positively influence the cellular structure of the body and could become a tool to heal the body of disease. I write about this subject often and have a number of articles on my blog at I am interested in this subject because it provides a scientific explanation as to why energy healing methods such as Ki treatments, Reiki and Qigong work.

Humans have the ability to tap into the universal source of energy, that Tesla called Scalar, this is knowledge enlighten beings have understood and practice for centuries. I do not believe in coincidence so when the name of Nikola Tesla stated popping up in my life orbit I decided to again write about his remarkable scientific discovery that has been keep secret from the masses until now. Contact me at the Ki Center at 646 329-6727 if this dialog is of interest to you.

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