Monday, January 19, 2015

Life On The Other Side of Zero

Life on the Other Side of Zero
In the universal cycle of life all things are created they mature and then return to be created again. Winter represents death in the beginning and paves the way for a new creation of life at its end. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Energy = Mass and the Speed of Light Squared (E=MC2) proved that all things in our universe are vibrating energy.

Only Energy vibrating slower than the speed of light has form and can be seen in our three dimensional world. Quantum Physics has allowed for the awareness of other dimensions. This is not a new concept Taoist and ancient Egyptians called it the invisible world. A place where all things come from and return, Nikola Tesla called his discovery of  Zero Point Energy the gate way to dimensions outside of  our three dimensional world that vibrate faster then the speed of ligh.

 Energy never dies it only changes form. Now both Quantum Physic scientist and ancient spiritual philosophies seem to support the theory of life on the other side of zero. In Taoism, the energy of your ancestors exists in the invisible or spiritual world; scientific research is now saying that the energy of your ancestors could possibility exist in a different dimension. Death is not the end it is just a transformation of vibrated energy.  As with all things, that follow the universal cycle of life.

We often think about loved ones that have transitioned during this time of year, I truly believe there is life on the other side of zero and every thought, dream or memory can be a form of communication to a loved one in the invisible world if you allow it to be. The energy that we can feel but cannot see can be a beautiful line of communication to a loved one in the spiritual world if we open our hearts and mind to the possibility.

Science and spirituality are beginning to reconnect again allowing for a greater understanding of the invisible world on the other side of zero; a place where there is no space or time I call it the Spiritual-Science movement. You can send me an email at the or call 646 329-6727 for further information.

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