Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Principle of Mentalism

The Principle of Mentalism

This is the finale dialog on the seven Hermetic Principles, for the past six weeks I have introduced six of the seven, to many for the first time (see The Kybalion, a study of the seven principles was published in 1908 by three nameless initiates, allowing this ancient wisdom to be exposed to the masses for the first time.   The seven Hermetic Principles are the foundation of ancient Egyptian philosophical thought; developed by the legendary Egyptian philosopher/teacher Hermes.

I am not sure why I did not write about the seven principles in order, it came to me to do it that way and I followed my thoughts. The last principle that I will introduce in this series is Mentalism which actually is the first of the seven principles and the connecting force to the other six which are: Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Gender and Cause and Effect.

It would be impossible to express the importance of understanding the Principle of Mentalism in a few paragraphs, according to the Kybalion, “That which is the Fundamental Truth- the Substantial Reality- is beyond true naming, but the wise men call it the All” the Principle of Mentalism, teaches that “The All is Mind and the Universe is Mental”.

Wayne B. Chandler (Ancient Future) describes it this way. “This principle embodies the truth that the All or God is Mind. It explains that the All is the substantial reality underlying all the visible manifestations and appearances that we categorize as the material universe: matter, energy, and all that is apparent to our material senses”

I truly believe that I have accomplished my objective of providing information to the ones whose time has come to hear it. Do your research if you are reading this dialog it is not by chance. I would again like to thank Gale and Ben Armstead for providing great books like the Kybalion, allowing me to read, learn and share with you over the past year.
On Sunday January 4th  at 3:30pm Gale Armstead will give a lecture on the New Year forecast at the Apollo Theater, call 212 410-6755 for more information. I wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy and productive 2015; please contact me at 646 329 6727 or send an email to  if you would like further information on the Seven Hermetic Principles.

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