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The Principle of Gender

The Principle of Gender

I first became aware of the seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt after reading “Ancient Future” by Wayne B. Chandler, a book I strongly suggest you read if you are interested in this subject matter. It will also be required reading for my spring workshop (The 8 Gates Theory & Practice) at the City College of New York this May. The late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (who wrote the introduction to Ancient Future) and Wayne Chandler’s research has given the world wonderful scholarly evidence of the true original creators and practitioners of the seven Hermetic Principles. 

If you are reading this dialog for the first time I am following an old tradition of bring the teachings of ancient Egypt to the ears of those who want to hear them. There are seven principles that can also be considered laws that have been keep secret from the masses for centuries until in the early 1900 three Initiates published the Kybalion, a book that introduced the ancient Egyptian Hermetic philosophy to the masses. Every century after carriers of the truth have kept the flame of wisdom alive.

The Principle of Gender is closely related to the Principle of Polarity (see because it embodies the truth that gender is manifested in everything the Yin and the Yang are always working together. Chandler writes that “On the physical plane, this principle manifests as sex, but on higher planes it takes other forms. No creation, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is possible with the Principle of Gender

In the human experience every male has elements of feminine energy and every female carries the elements of masculine energy a truth that has caused centuries of pain to the unknowing. We see this principle reflected in the creation of planets, solar systems, and animal life of all kinds; writes Chandler in his study of the seven principles.

I encourage you conduct your own investigation of the seven Hermetic Principles and help to keep the ancient flame of wisdom burning. If you would like to discuss this dialog further send me an email at or call 646 329-6727. For information on my spring workshop at City College call 212 650-7312

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