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The Principle of Rhythm

The Principle of Rhythm
There are seven Hermetic principles and they represent the foundation of an ancient Egyptian philosophy attributed to one of the greatest philosophers during Egypt’s most glories periods; his name was Tehuti also known to the Greeks as Hermes. The first time the seven Hermetic principles were introduced to individuals outside of secret societies was in the early 1900’s when three anonymous initiates published a book titled “The Kybalion”.

 Every decade since the publication of the Kybalion the philosophical writings of Hermes lights the flame of wisdom in a new generation of seekers of the truth. It has been said that learning, understanding and the practice of the seven Hermetic principles will open the gates to universal truth and wisdom to the seeker.  In keeping with an ancient tradition I am introducing the seven principles to a cadre of new possible seekers. I am not introducing them in order I am not sure why it just came to me as the way to do it. This is my forth article in the series (see and Rhythm is principle number five.

The fifth principle of rhythm embodies the truth that everything flows out and in, all things rise and fall; action and reaction, advance and retreat the pendulum-swing manifests it’s self in everything.  According to the Kybalion the creation and destruction of worlds, the rise and fall of nations, the history of all things and the mental state of humans follow the law of rhythm.

The principle of rhythm allows us to understand that all living things are born, grow and die-and then are reborn. This is also true for great movements, philosophies, creeds, fashions, governments, and nations. Birth, growth, maturity, decadence, death and rebirth are the universal law of rhythm. There are ways to neutralize the rhythmic plane of mental activity, so that the negative-swing of the pendulum is not manifested in our consciousness. Understanding how to do this can change the quality of your life.
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