Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Universal Mind

The Universal Mind

There are many theories of how life on earth began, some scientific and some religious, there are also spiritual theories that are now supported by quantum physics. The fact remains that no one really knows. Taoism is a philosophy that teaches that all things in our universe began with the interface between a negative force called Yin and a positive force called Yang. Quantum physics Scientist now view all things in our universe to be made of the interface of two whirling bits of electricity one negative known as the electron and one positive known as the proton.

We now know that all things in our universe are made up of a negative and positive configuration of vibrating energy. Quantum physics now consider Zero Point Energy to be the source of all energy both material and invisible. Taoism and many other spiritual philosophies consider the Universal Mind to be the source of all things material or invisible. In his book “The Secret of the Ages”, Robert Collier describes the Universal Mind as “the omnipotent, intelligence that evolved every form of plant and animal, an intelligence that is all wise and all powerful”.

Collier goes on to say that humans are an active part of this Universal Mind. Humans have the ability to partake in its creative wisdom and power and by consciously drawing from this vital power, and working in harmony with this Universal Mind one has the power to do anything, be anything and have anything. I often write about thought manifestation.

Collier writes that if you form a mental image of the thing you desire and you hold it strongly in your thought, with the necessary faith that you are receiving the thing asked for; your superconscious mind will connect to the Universal Mind to bring this image into reality. Many believe that all humans have three minds, a conscience mind, an inner mind or subconscious mind and a superconscious mind.

The conscious mind, most overcome the programed obstacles created by fear and doubt, to connect and activate the subconscious mind to provide the superconscious mind with the desired image to take to the Universal Mind (known by many names) which has the ability to manifest your mental image into a reality.

We all have a life force inside of us that is part of the life force that created all things. This gift has been kept secret from the masses; our conscious minds have been programed to accept limitations. We are where we are because we believe that it is where we must be.

Our thoughts are creative energy; look around, all that you see began with a mental image of a conscious thought, that thought was programed into the subconscious, the subconscious programed the image into the superconscious which is connected to Universal Mind, the foundation of all creation. It is important that you understand this ability, those who understand and accept this gift are always careful about what they think.

Those who learn to use this ability can bring balance to their internal mind, body and spirit energy and their external environment, by working in harmony with the Universal Mind. Visit my blog at www.theartofwarogers.com if you find the energy of this dialog interesting or send me an email at life@theway2wellness.info



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