Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Idea

The Idea

All thing in our material world, begin with an idea, the power of thought manifestation is a concept that is ancient. The ability to use this gift with intent requires faith and an understanding of who you are. Fear and doubt has always blocked the ability to manifest reality through thought. The irony of this gift is that we use it all of the time, but in most cases not with intent. What you think about the most with passion and clarity will manifest into your reality if you truly believe it will. That is why you must be careful about what you think. The thinking process always starts with an idea. 

In 1926 Robert Collier talked about this idea concept in has famous publication “The Secret of the Ages” when he wrote, “All riches have their origin in Mind. Wealth is in ideas not money. Money is merely the material medium of exchange for ideas. The paper money in your pockets is in itself worth no more than so many pieces of paper. It is the idea behind it that gives it value”.

Most of us have been programed to accept our perceived limitations, we accept things that are stressful both internal and external because we do not believe that we have the power to manifest a change. You most truly believe in your ability to manifest your reality through the power of thought, when you open your mind to accept this fact, the idea will come. When your idea comes, only faith will protect you from the destructive energies of fear and doubt.

Collier explains it this way “Just as the first law of gain is desire, so the formula of success is FAITH. Believe that you have it, see it as existent fact, and anything you can rightly wish for is yours. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Collier wrote about this over 80 years ago, this secret has now been exposed to the masses. Deprograming is not easy, you first most accept the reality that you have been programed.

If you cannot accept your ability to manifest an intended reality in your material world, you have been programmed not to know who you really are.  Many believe the statement “Know Thy Self” found often in ancient Egypt inscribed over the entrance of temples of learning, was a code to allow us to understand how they achieved such incredible wonders. It is important that you are aware that you have the ability to change your reality by changing the way that you think, about yourself and others.  If you are reading this dialog, and you are not happy with your current internal and external environment, you can change it.  We all have this ability, we often misuse it due to a lack of awareness of it and of who we are and the abilities that we possess.

For some thought manifestations is a difficult concept to embrace, yet we all do it unconsciously all of the time. We all have the ability to manifest change in our reality. It is now the time for the masses to understand we all has this ability, I truly believe that this knowledge will be a necessary tool, for navigating the energy of the future; nature has always been selective.  I hope you get the idea.

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