Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Harlem Holistic Wellness Week

There are many reasons for the tremendous growth in the desire by many to address their health by using natural holistic wellness strategies. Many believe that it is due to the growth of the baby boomers quest for longevity; others see it as being a way to address the concern about the long term negative effects of manmade drugs. I agree with the popular thought that a greater number of people are now experiencing the quality of life benefits in learning to balance mind, body and spirit.

Harlem Holistic Wellness Week (Saturday April 27th to Saturday May 4th )  will become a vehicle to bring those who would like to explore natural holistic ways to improve the quality of their lives with the practitioners, programs and businesses that offer natural holistic wellness options.  Thousands of people in over 70 countries celebrate the collective mind of wellness and peace annually on the last Saturday in April during world Tai Chi and Qigong Day (www.worldtaichiday.org).

The annual Harlem World Tai Chi and Qigong Day celebration will be the first event of Harlem Holistic Wellness Week on Saturday April 27th. The event will start at 10am to coincide with tens of thousands of people throughout the world who will also start energy movement exercises at the same time; with a collective mind focused on world peace. The opening event will take place in Saint Nicholas Park located at 135th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue.

Tai Chi, Qigong and energy treatment masters will give free demonstrations and treatments again this year. If you are interested in learning about energy training programs, this event will provide a wonderful opportunity to speak to energy movement and treatment masters from Harlem and the Tri State area. If you would like more information about this event contact Dr. Robert Woodbine at 866 327-2254 or by email at doc@strategiesforoptimumwellness.com

Monday April 29th  will be Harlem open house Yoga Day at participating locations, Wednesday will be herbal health and wellness day with workshops at the Harlem Ki Energy Wellness Center and other locations. The Thursday April 18th and April 25th issues of Harlem News will carry a full schedule of Harlem Wellness Week events and locations.

This year’s Harlem Holistic Wellness Week Celebration will end at the second annual Harlem Holistic Wellness Expo at the City College of New York. The City College Continuing and Professional Studies Department has developed one of best Holistic Wellness programs in the CUNY system under the leadership of Sharon Mackey-McGee Executive Director of CPS. This expo will provide an opportunity to learn about the many wellness courses offered at the college and to meet with wellness practitioners from Harlem and throughout New York City.

The first CPS Wellness Expo was very successful last year proving the growing community interest in holistic wellness options for improving health and the quality of life. This year’s expo will again be free to the public and will provide the opportunity to register at a 10% discount for spring and summer wellness classes at City College and locations in Harlem. For more information on the City College Wellness Expo contact Joan Stern at 212 650-7195 or send an email to jstern@ccny.cuny.edu

If you are a wellness practitioner and would like to participate in Harlem Holistic Wellness Week give me a call at 646 329-6727 or send me an email at life@theway2wellness.info   

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