Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Beginning

A New Beginning
The Mayan calendar has created world end theories for centuries do to the fact that the last of the five known Mayan calendars each lasting 5,200 years will end in 2012. According to Mayan predictions we are moving into the world of the fifth Sun. Many scientists now agree that the Sun has not been this close to our galaxy in 26,000 years, which interestingly are 5,200 times 5.
Today’s scientific minds still have no clue as to how this ancient civilization could have such an accurate understanding of the heavens and how the movements of planets affected the Earth. This great culture that combined science and spirituality to create wonders that cannot be explained today came to an end around 1502. That is when the competitive mind energy of the Spaniards began the genocidal campaigns that destroyed much of the culture and literature. The Greek invasion of Egypt is very similar.
It is the belief of many that the Mayan calendar is a prediction that the world as we know it will begin to end creating a time for a new beginning. It was the creative mind that created the wonders that the current competitive minds cannot understand. All things in our universe move in cycles and the external materialistic competitive mind energy cycle is ending.
Alexandra Bruce in her book 2012: Science or Superstition talks about the puzzling surplus of high-energy electrons bombarding Earth from an unknown origin. NASA scientists also acknowledge a sharp increase in gamma ray bursts from stars close to the galactic center. According to Bruce, “The weakening of both the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic shield coincides with a time of an abrupt increase in gamma ray burst from relatively close stars.”
The Earth is receiving 1,000% more cosmic radiation than at any time ever recorded, much of which we don’t know anything about. Many believe that this massive influx of new energies can be spiritually beneficial. Something is happening the change from externally motivated competitive survival energy is coming to an end. Look around you it is becoming obvious that we most change or we will destroy ourselves.
The cycle of creative internal spiritual survival energy is returning. This will be the beginning of a new stage of human evaluation. Health and Wealth will be the two main factors that will necessitate different strategies for survival. If you do not change your mind set stress will make you ill, how we make money will change from a competitive dog eat dog external material motivated energy , to a creative networking partnership spiritual approach to financial freedom.   
As you know all things happen for a reason, and there is no such thing as a coincidence. It was not planned but in two days I will have the opportunity to visit the Mayan ruins in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.
I feel that there is an energy , I can’t explain it but I truly believe I will return with a greater insight on how to use or perhaps I should say be used as a vehicle to help usher in this new cycle of human evolution in 2012 the beginning of the creative mind era.   

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