Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element
Twelve years ago I was given the opportunity to travel to the mountains of South Korea to complete my master training in Kido an ancient Korean Taoist energy healing system. I write about Ki Energy treatments and training on my blog at . Over three thousand years ago Korean Taoist sages understood the relationship between the energy of the human body and the energy of the universe.  Ki was considered a universal vital energy that connected all things to humans and humans to all things.
The energy vibrations of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water became the foundation of Taoist healing strategies. Each element was connected to a planet, a season, a direction, a yang (positive) and a yin (negative) vital body organ along with a host of other qualities that relate to the vibration of each element.
 The Taoist yang and yin concept comes from the scientific fact that all things vibrate and the energy of the vibration is created from the interface between a plus (yang) and a minus (yin) force.  Winter is the season connected to the fifth element of water.  Spring starts the new cycle. The Kidneys are the yin organs of winter and the bladder are the yang organs of winter. Mercury is the planet energy connected to the fifth element and the direction connected to winter is north. Imbalances in the reproductive and urinary systems accrue more often in the fifth element season of winter.
 The spiritual – science movement is a subject that I also write a lot about on my blog. Quantum physics and fusion technology are now developing scientific proof that supports the healing theories connected to ancient Taoist concepts of energy training and treatments.  
Acupuncture, Ki treatments, Ki training, Acupressure, and Tai Chi are all Taoist energy treatment and training systems.  Korean Taoist Herbalist such as Grand Master Insan Kim who created medicine out of salt has long been the source for herbal remedies. Ten years ago the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) developed a research project that combined world class quantum physics and fusion technology  with ancient Taoist herbal remedies to create a line of health, personal and home use products. The outcome of the ten year study was amazing.  The Korean government allowed KAERI to form a joint venture with a bio-tech company to produce a commercial marketing strategy for the world’s first line of organic herbal based fusion technology engineered products. The name of the international Marketing Company is Atomy. I also have articles about Atomy on my blog.
I will conduct a four week Saturday workshop on Taoism in March during the spring semester of the City College Continuing and Professional Studies program . The name of the workshop is “Taoism: A Survival Tool for The 21st Century”.  If you are interested you can register on line in the personal development section or call CCNY/CPS at 212 650-7312.  If you would like more information about KI Energy treatment and training at the Harlem Ki Energy Center give me a call at 646 329-6727.

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