Sunday, January 1, 2012

Age of the Creative Mind

The Age of the Creative Mind
Over the past few years I have written many dialogs and articles about the energy shift from the competitive external motivated mind frequency to the creative internal motivated mind frequency. The Mayan calendar predicted that 2012 will be the beginning of a new cycle of energy which some mistakenly interpreted as the end of the world and for many it very well may be. The energy shift started to become noticed in 2000 and has become more visible in the past 12 years. If you have not been aware of this phenomenon you will in 2012.
Health and wealth will be the two major factors that will provide a positive or negative reinforcement of this change. The old ways of doing business will drastically change. From the time of the Spanish invasion of the Mayan empire or the Greek invasion of Egypt the cycle of the competitive mind frequency replaced the creative mind frequency which was necessary for the next stage of human evolution that is now coming to an end. If you are reading this dialog it is not by accident, perhaps you should save it because what I am about to say may not seem likely now but by this time next year you will have a better understanding.
The age of the creative mind will elevate the human race to the next stage of human evolution your health and over all well-being will be determined on not what you do to yourself and others but what you do for yourself and others. The ability to manifest your thoughts into reality will greatly increase. There will be a universal force that will positively reinforce the act of obtaining financial freedom by helping others to help themselves as well as the world that we all live in. Those who continue the cycle of competitive thought will face consequences.
Many will consider this theory unrealistic a pipe dream at best the fact that compassion can become a more powerful force then greed, that the me generation will slowly evolve into the we generation may seem unlikely now. For many it will be, nature however is selective those who change will survive and those who do not change will not.     
This will not happen overnight perhaps not even in the life time of you and I but many of us will have the opportunity of experiencing the beginning of the end of the competitive mind frequency being the dominate motivating force for human evolution.
 If you visit my blog at I write about a host of options and useful tools that will assist in navigating this energy shift. For those who have not followed my articles and dialogs here is the short version: most of what you believe to be true about yourself and your external environment is programed thought that is only true because you accept it to be so. The age of the Creative mind is upon us, you now have the greatest ability to manifest your on reality thought the power of attraction, use it wisely and with compassion. Happy New Year.  

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