Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hatshepsut Queen of Commerce

Hatshepsut: Queen of Commerce        
Queen Hatshepsut ruled ancient Kemet (Egypt) from 1479 to 1458 BC; she was the longest reigning   female pharaoh in history. During her 21 year reign Queen Hatshepsut used commerce as a tool to raise consciousness and a spiritual path towards self-realization.  A merchant priesthood was developed to teach and utilize the concept of Sacred Commerce to achieve the vision of the first queen of commerce.

Sacred Commerce is a wonderful book by Aymen Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle. This work serves as a foundation for a movement focused on revitalizing Hatshepsut’s concept of reconnecting commerce and spiritually. People, Planet, Profit and spiritually are the four bottom lines in sacred commerce. Profit is the only bottom in most businesses in today’s world. 

Many well argue that the thought of connecting commerce and spiritually is not realistic in the competitive business environment we live in “however”; there are a growing number of entrepreneurs who are beginning to realize that success can be achieved by making people and the planet important bottom lines in their strategic business plans.

On Saturday April 28th the first annual Sacred Commerce Wellness Expo will be one of the events to kick of Harlem Holistic Wellness Week 2018. This event will take place at Imagenations’s Raw Space Gallery located at 2031 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (bet. 121 and 122nd streets). Thirteen holistic wellness businesses will be invited to exhibit at this event which will be free to the public. The number 13 is a very spiritual and powerful number in Kemetic philosophy.

Harlem Holistic Wellness Week April 28th to May 5th is a marketing platform to promote holistic wellness organizations and businesses that focus on improving the quality of life of people. It will take place a week after Earth Day a time to highlight organizations and businesses that focus on preservation of the planet.

Information on Harlem Holistic Wellness events, programs and activities will be posted on there will also be a special holistic wellness pull out section in the April 26th issue of Harlem Community News. If you would like additional information on participating in this year’s Harlem Holistic Wellness Week’s marketing initiative send an email to or call 646 329-6727. The Onuwon Wellness Group was created using the sacred commerce philosophy of People, Planet, and Profit and Spiritually as a business model.

The focus of the Onuwon Wellness Group is to develop strategic marketing and advertising options such as Harlem Holistic Wellness Week to assist holistic wellness practitioners, organizations and businesses to collectively reach the growing numbers of individuals who seek holistic health and wellness option.

You can obtain a free copy of the Aymen and Rowan Sacred Commerce book on line; you can also purchase a copy on Amazon. It is a very interesting account of how Queen Hatshepsut used this method of commerce to enrich a golden time in ancient Kemet. It is also a blue print of how businesses of the future can be. All things are possible with faith.

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