Monday, December 12, 2016

A Time of awakening

A Time of Awakening
The New Year 2017 will begin a number 1 universal year cycle. Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn provides guidance to how the numerical year cycle of each year is determined in his bestselling numerology guide “Numbers and You”. Strayhorn writes that by adding the numbers of each year one can find the numerical influence for any year. When we add the year 2017 (2+0+1+7=10=1), we arrive at a number one universal cycle year; A time of awakening and change.

The centuries old predictions that the year 2000 would mark the beginning of a new cycle of human development has been widely accepted by many in the spiritual-science movement. Next year will be the beginning of a new awareness of who and what we are as a people locally, nationally and internationally.

I believe it is important to understand that the changes taking place around us now and as we move into the next cycle of human development are necessary for reaching a higher level of individual and collective consciousness. We are moving into a time of heighten mental abilities. Fear and doubt were tools used to control the masses in a mind set and energy frequency of a time slowly coming to an end, a decline that started in 2000.

Be careful about your thoughts only focus on the things that you want to manifest into your life not the things that you fear. Let’s take racism which is based on a foundation of fear and doubt. Many will argue that a cycle of compassion, faith and integrity will never overcome racism. In many cases that might be true many will never move to the next level of human development; I believe many well. nature is selective if the next stage of human development is one based on faith and compassion; only those who become aware will make the cut.

This is an interesting time for those who are aware of this universal change that’s starting to visibility take shape. Those who understand this to be a time to develop both individually and collectively will get a jump on the future. All things happen for a reason, and there is a benefit in all things. We are socially programed to allow fear and doubt to influence our lives and how we think. That way of thinking is ending with the old cycle that developed it.

The time of awakening is upon us the end of the old cycle of human development that started its demise in 2000 is still fighting for survival. I strongly believe that 2017 a universal cycle one year will become a year of visible change and awakening. Some will become aware and reach a higher level of conscious and that number will grow. Others will continue to allow fear and doubt to prevent them from becoming all that they can be for themselves and for others.  

Faith will be an important tool for maintaining focus in 2017. Things will probably get worse before they get better. We are in an early stage of a new area of human development only 17 years old. The old ways will die hard only faith and awareness will allow us to see the last stand of a declining energy for what it is; a necessary factor for the growth of a new collective conscious of change using faith and compassion to overcome fear and doubt. We now have the ability we must learn to use it.

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