Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Time for Forgiving

A Time for Forgiving
As we move into the season of gift giving, for many the concept that “the best things in life are free” might be difficult to embrace. Yet the most valuable gift you can give to someone this season is the gift of forgiving. I would be willing to wager that someone reading this dialog has family members or friends that have stopped speaking to one another because of something that happen in the past. It might also be possible that you are going through this type of experience.

Holding on to the past can be both psychologically and physically stressful making this type of behavior unhealthy yet we all do it to some degree. I believe that the ability that allows our thoughts to manifest into our reality is a universal gift that we all have, but often misuse. We often find it difficult to forgive because we see ourselves as victims. There is no power in the energy of being a victim.

Forgiving is a powerful step towards a future free of the burden of negative emotions from the past. Something happen years ago, time can make the facts a little blurry but emotions and a mental story of the experience are stored in our subconscious. The story in our mind over time becomes more stressful then what actually happen.
This story will continue to affect how we feel; until we decide to let go. If all things happen for a reason, and a benefit can be found in all things; learning from past experiences is heather then stressing about them.

As we move into the next year I believe the energy of faith and compassion will grow stronger. It may be difficult to embrace the concept of faith and compassion becoming the main tools for addressing the rapidly declining but still controlling energy of fear and doubt. We are moving into a time of change and the act of learning to forgive ourselves and others will be a necessary part of that change.

Sometimes we have to learn to forgive ourselves, except that we are not perfect, there are times when we have to admit that we were wrong and learn the power of saying “I am sorry” and ask for forgiveness. During this season of giving, let’s explore the energy of forgiving. If we can find a way to experience or encourage a friend or family member to experience the power and freedom of letting go and forgiving this season what a wonderful gift that would be.

Perhaps some of the best things in life can truly be free. Happy Holiday

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