Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gratitude: The Quality of Being Thankful

Gratitude: The Quality of Being Thankful
A common cause of depression is the inability to recognize our blessings. If you are reading this dialog and you are depressed, be thankful, the mind of the universe is sending you a message. We become depressed because we focus on depressing things, things that we fear and don’t want. What you think about often will manifest in your reality. When we think about the life we would like to have with faith and without fear and doubt we have the ability to transform the reality of our lives; for this we should be thankful.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. A simple word like “think you” is an easy way to show gratitude. It can be difficult to show gratitude if you are not aware that you have been born with the blessing of thought manifestation and all that you need to be happy. Nothing or no one outside of yourself can truly make you happy. The foundation of happiness is internal; we are all socially programmed to believe that the key to our happiness is external.

Often our thoughts of depression come from our socially programmed illusionary view of our limitations and lack of the external things that we feel would make us happy.  Do you ever wonder when you read about some famous wealthy person committing suicide when it seems that they could have had any material thing that they wanted?  On reason for this anomaly is when you can have any material thing that you want and you are still unhappy; life losses its value.  

We have the gift to manifest changes in our lives and our external environment, when you become aware of this fact, every morning that you wake up you should be thankful and show gratitude for another day and ability to change your life. All things happen for a reason when we face disappointment, setbacks and tragedy we often become depressed and wonder why something like this would happen to us.

Another way to address disappointments, setbacks and tragedy is to look for ways to use them to allow you to rise to a higher consciousness, learn to use the experience to make you a better person, a person who can become an example that will inspire others. If you can do this you can realize that there can be a benefit in all things.

Never allow yourself to feel that there is nothing that you can do to improve your current situation, you have the ability to use your mind to change your internal and external reality. The only person that stands in your way is you, when you move your programmed self out of your way; the seemingly impossible can become possible. For this ability you should be thankful and find ways to show your gratitude.

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