Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ki Treatments and Training

Ki Treatments and Training
Saturday April 25th to Saturday May 2nd are the dates for Harlem Holistic Wellness Week 2015. This annual event provides a marketing platform for practitioners, organizations and businesses to promote their services to a growing number of individuals who are searching for natural wellness strategies to address their health proactively and if necessary reactively.

Participating natural wellness focused businesses and organizations located in the Greater Harlem area will have special activities and programs that will introduce their services to a targeted market.  The Harlem Ki Energy Center will have two events during HHWW2015. The theme for Wednesday April 29th will be “Energy Movement and Healing Day” The Ki Energy Center will give introductory Ki treatment and training workshops that day.

Ki training and treatments can reduce stress and bring balance to one’s internal vital energy called Ki also known as Chi. Research studies in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine has shown that Ki training and treatments can modulate the brain’s alpha wave activity, release beta-endorphin to the blood stream and stimulate a faster immune response to infections. On April 29th you will have the opportunity to learn and experience what this means at the Ki Centers special introductory workshops that I will give.

The theme for April 30th will be “Women’s Health Naturally Day”. The Ki Center will have a workshop focused on natural wellness options for women conducted by Laura Abadsantos (master Ji) director of the Harlem Ki Center. Each day of this year’s Harlem wellness week will focus on different options for those interested in natural ways to improve their quality of life.

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