Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Healing and the Martial Arts

Healing and the Martial Arts
 Most people are not aware of the healing aspects of the martial arts thanks to Hollywood, when people think of the martial arts they only think of kicking and punching.  If you study the history of the martial arts you will find that the foundation of the martial arts was and is healing and wellness. True martial artists most understand how to bring balance to mind, body and spirit in themselves and others. 
When I was training in the mountains of South Korea to become a Taoist Kido master I learned how the same striking points that I studied in my Goju karate training to bring stress to the body could also be used to empower the body’s immune system to assist in healing. Many of the same pressure points we use at the Harlem Ki Center to reduce stress.

During this year’s Harlem Holistic Wellness Week (April 25th – May 2nd) Tuesday April 28th will focus on Harlem Martial Arts programs  like New Breed Life Arts and The Harlem Goju Karate Association   who will welcome visitors that are looking for more than just learning how to kick and punch. I am a disciple of Grand Master Leon Major Wallace, the founder of The Harlem Goju karate school. My close friend for more than 40 years, Grand Master Sam McGee became the head master when master Wallace past away many years ago.  Sam and I learned a great deal from Master Wallace who tough young men and women martial arts for free to keep them out of trouble. While he created great fighters he created better human beings.   

New Breed Life Arts is another martial arts school that will be features during this year’s Harlem Holistic Wellness Week. Grand Master Lamarr Thornton founder of New Breed, tough me how to use martial arts systems like Kendo and Tai Chi to self-heal during a very difficult period in my life. Over the years Kushinda Thornton has used his concept of “Education through the Martial Arts” to also help hundreds of young men and women to becoming better human beings.

 Kushinda Thornton's new book “Reverse Knockout Strategy for The Victim” which will include a 60 year pictorial history of the martial arts movement in Harlem this years Harlem Holistic Week initiative.

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