Monday, March 10, 2014

Moving Meditation

Meditation can be a wonderful way to relieve stress and self-heal. I have an article on the benefits of meditation on my blog at I first became aware of moving meditation over 40 years ago during my early years of studying Go-Ju Karate. My Sensi Grand Master Leon “Major” Wallace considered the Kata to be a form of moving meditation.  Katas are the essence of Karate, they are fighting movements manifested in the form of choreography designed to allow the student to fully express the four basic components of Karate: speed, strength, technique and beauty. It takes many years before a student can use a Kata as a form of moving meditation.

Moving meditation is a technique that allows the conscience mind, the subconscious and the super-conscience mind to work as one. When this happens all programed limitations learned while developing in the material world are addressed allowing the student to preform remarkable feats both internal and external. My next opportunity for understanding the benefits of moving meditation was my introduction to both the art of Kendo and Tai Chi by Grand Master Lamarr Thornton. Kendo is the art of Japanese Fencing.

In ancient Japan, Kendo became the training vehicle for young samurai, a sword made of bamboo reeds called a shinai replaced the steel katana (sword). A heavy wooden sword called a bokken is used in practice to build strength and speed. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and Master Thornton instructed me to practice with the bokken until I could do 1000 cuts. After reaching 1000 cuts I was instructed to make it a daily practice to clear my mind. Each morning by the time I reached 500 cuts my mind was clear of all thoughts of fear and doubt. I can truly say a thousand cuts a day kept the doctors away.

After teaching me basic movements in Tai Chi, Master Thornton introduced me to his teacher Grand Master Abdul Musawwir, who is still my teacher, he is now my daughter’s teacher also. Tai Chi and Qigong are moving meditation techniques focused on health and longevity. If you visit a China town area in any city as the sun is starting to rise, you will find a park where man and women some well into their 90’s are practicing Tai Chi and Qigong. 

Many people do not understand the many health and wellness benefits of Tai Chi, even less understand the powerful self-defense techniques that are hidden in the meditative dance known as Tai Chi. Grand Master Abdul Musawwir will teach a Spring class in the City College Continuing and Professional Studies Program ( , titled “Tai Chi for Health and Self Defense”. Call 212 650-7312.

Annually on the last Saturday in April thousands of people in hundreds of cities in over 70 nations starting at 10AM begin the celebration of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day  Dr. Robert Woodbine has organized the World Tai Chi day celebration in Harlem for the past five years attracting Tai Chi Masters from across the country to come to Harlem and give demonstrations. That is why the last Saturday in April is also the first day of Harlem Holistic Wellness Week, Saturday April 26th to Saturday May 3rd.

Heaven and Earth is a Korean Taoist form of moving meditation that I now teach at the Harlem Ki Energy Center. I will also teach a class during the CCNY/CPS Spring semester titled “Taoism a Practical Approach to Ancient Wisdom for Health and Longevity”. The April 24th issue of Harlem News will list practitioners and locations that will help you learn the many types and benefits of moving mediation energy exercises. For more information call 646 329-6727 or email

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