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The Seven Hermetic Laws Part II

The Seven Hermetic Laws
Part II

In part one of this four part series, the spiritual number seven was disused it was by design that the ancient Egyptian sage Tehuti (also known by the Greeks as Hermes) created seven axioms that formed the base of the Hermetic Philosophy  written thousands of years ago, a philosophy that comprised the scientific, spiritual, and moral fabric in ancient empires to include; China, India, Egypt and Southern Arabia. Taoism is one of the few philosophies that have maintained some visible relationship to the ancient writings of Tehuti/Hermes.

Until resent times only historians and scholars were aware of the seven Hermetic Principles which have greatly influenced life as we know it today and will continue to influence human development in the future. Wayne B. Chandler gives a wonderful and easy to understand history of the time of Tehuti/Hermes and his writings in “Ancient Future: The Teaching and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt. I agree with Chandler when he states that “it is time for the masses to have knowledge of the great power that we all have a power that has be kept secret for centuries”.

The following is a brief description of the seven Hermetic Laws:
The Principle of Mentalism: God is energy it is in everything and everything is in it humans were created in the image of God we are energy. Hermetic considered the All as the spiritual concept of God, the All was here at the being and will be here at the end. The human mind is the connection to the All. Like the All humans have the ability to create though the power of the mind. According to Chandler this has been the world’s best-kept-secret.

The Principle of Correspondence: The ancient Hermetic philosophy considered that all within the universe emanated from the same source and this source the All instilled its formula in every aspect of creation. “As above, so below; as below, so above.’ This axiom reflects the relationship between the macrocosmic and the microcosmic reality. Science today still cannot explain how ancient cultures understood our stellar system without the use of telescopes. We now understand that the human body works like the universe if you truly understand how the human body works, you can understand how our universe works that both work  in the same way; as below so above. The symbol that represents this axiom is what is now known as the Star of David, but this six pointed star was present in India and Egypt more than 2,000 years ago long before it became a Jewish symbol.

In part three of this four part dialog I will write about third the Hermetic Principle of Vibration and the forth Hermetic Principle of Polarity. These two ancient Egyptian writings of Tehuti/Hermes serve as the foundation for Taoism as well as recent discoveries in Quantum Physics.

If you visit my blog at  you will see that most of my dialogs have a relationship to the writings of ancient an Egyptian. Perhaps this is why many will be introduced to the Seven Hermitic Laws at this time; a time of a universal frequency change. All things happen in cycles or as Chandler puts’ it “Ancient Future”.

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