Thursday, April 19, 2012


We are now in the age of the creative mind our thoughts have more power than ever before. We are at the beginning of this new cycle but in time it will become more apparent that the frequency of thought will liberate or imprison us.  This concept is not new; thought manifestation has been a guarded secret for centuries only a few have truly understood the power of thought. In 1912 Charles F. Haanel published the Master Key System a guide to self-empowerment through thought manifestation.   
Haanel considered abundance to be a universal law and those who placed themselves in harmony with that law would share in its benefits. According to Haanel mind shapes and controls matter. Every form which matter takes is but the expression of some preexisting thought.  You can originate thought, and since thoughts are creative, you can create for yourself the things you desire.
The universal law of thought manifestation is stronger now which means we have to become more aware of the power that our thoughts have on our internal and external environments. Now more than ever your thoughts should be on what you desire not what you fear. In 1912 Haanel wrote that fear and doubt were the greatest obstacles to the human development of thought manifestation. In 2012 those who are not aware of the power of thought will self-destruct from negative thinking influenced by fear and doubt.
Health and money will be two important factors affected by this new age of creative thought. People think that I am over optimistic when I say that in time compassion will overcome greed. Perhaps not in my life time but if greed and fear become a major cause of the loss of both wealth and health; while a holistic approach to life becomes more profitable and healthy, many will adept and change. Many will not but nature is selective only the species that can adept will reach the next stage of development.
People throughout the world are turning to a holistic approach to health which means finding ways to balance mind, body and spirit. When we talk of creative abundance the wellness industry is growing faster than it has ever before. This is a good thing; April 22nd is Earth Day successful businesses have been created to help protect our environment. On April 28th millions of people throughout the world will celebrate world Healing Day and World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. Harlem will celebrate the 1st Annual Harlem Holistic Wellness Day with two major events. A free Holistic Wellness Expo at the City College of New York. The second event is the fifth annual Harlem venue for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day which will take place at 135th Street and St Nicholas Avenue in the Park.
Holistic Wellness is a way of life. A focus on bringing balance to the mind the body and the spirit is becoming more important than ever to live a healthy life.   Compassion and love are two of the strongest healing energies; join the millions worldwide who will use collective thought on  April 28th and every last Saturday in April to think of love, peace and abundance.  For more information on the Harlem Holistic Wellness Day celebration call 646 329-6727 or send me an email at

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