Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seeing With Our Hearts

We’re now in a season that speaks to the power of giving and gratitude. But are we seeing with our minds, or with our hearts? When we see with our minds only, we can overlook the true power of giving and gratitude. Wu Wei, world-renowned author and interpreter of ancient Taoist philosophies, writes about seeing with your heart in this way: “Seeing with your heart allows one to feel compassion for another’s suffering, joy for another’s happiness, concern for another’s need. In seeing ourselves with our hearts we learn to make allowances for ourselves, to forgive ourselves and to love ourselves.”

I truly believe that we’re moving into a time where love and compassion will become survival words. I may not see the full transformation, but I’m grateful for being able to see and write about the beginning. There are a number of upcoming holiday programs that will provide the opportunity to think about those who are less fortunate. One such event takes place December 12, 2009, at the Harlem State Office Building. The 2nd Annual Harlem Holiday Expo is an event that will truly allow you to see with your heart. The main focus of the event will be a toy drive for children of incarcerated inmates in New York City and State prisons - children that are often forgotten.

I had an opportunity a few weeks ago to meet Henry Nelson, a successful businessman and one of the coordinators of this event. He made me aware of an organization called Pals for Christ, that provides group counseling, transitional mentoring for newly released inmates, and support for families of inmates through prayer. Donations and proceeds from the December 12th event will go to Pals for Christ to support many families during the holidays.

Harlem Holiday Expo will also give you the opportunity to shop with, and support, local businesses that will have exhibits. Dr. Bob Lee, from WBLS, will be the guest host for a day full of entertainment, including face painting, live music performances, fashion shows and much, much more. Frank Waters, President of The, and event co-coordinator, sees it as a way to help children that most people forget. The event will be from 12 - 9pm at the Harlem State office building, located at 163 West 125th Street, in the Windows Over Harlem Restaurant. Admission is $12.09 for adults, children get in free with a toy.

I’ll have a Ki Energy stress management treatment exhibit at this event. I invite you to come out and say hello. When we see through our hearts we experience the high frequencies of love and compassion. This event will not only allow you to help others, but it will also allow you to help yourself. The power of giving provides the opportunity to receive from a greater power than yourself. In reality, helping others is helping yourself. What you give is what you get. For more information on The Holiday in Harlem event call 212 537-9118 or visit

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  1. Just a little ticky-tack comment. Wu Wei is a concept, not a person. I think you meant the individual who calls himself Wu Wei Wu.