Monday, January 14, 2019

Winter the Water Season
The season of winter will begin Friday December 21st Taoist wellness strategies consider winter to be the season of the element of water. There are five elements Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth.  Ancient Taoist sages, created wellness strategies for each of the five elements; using their uncanny understanding of the relationship between the human body and the cosmos.  

During the winter water season, the two vital organs that attention should be given to are the Kidneys (yin organ) and the bladder (yang organ). The positive emotion of winter is Gentleness; the negative emotion of winter is Fear. People will tend to urinate more during the water season and Mercury is the planet that influences the solar energy of earth during winter.

The Kidneys are the Yin water organs; they filter all the fluids, removing excess water and toxins. Kidneys can only move about six cups of liquid per day, including what is already in the body as well as what you drink. If the kidneys get overloaded with toxins due to drinking too much during the holiday season, it can cause an energy imbalance in the body that can weaken the Immune System.

The Bladder is the yang water organ that receives and eliminates urine (which is not waste it is filtered blood). The bladder channel has a relationship with most body functions. It runs close to the spine and can influence the Sympathetic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS influences many body functions including heart rate, digestion, perspiration, respiratory rate, and sexual arousal.

Ki Energy treatments, as well as many other forms of Taoist energy balancing techniques such as Tai Chi, Acupuncture, and Chi Nei Tsang, have been used for centuries to bring balance to every vital organ including the Bladder and Kidneys. Scientific research in Quantum Physics has identified energy fields that surround all material forms in the universe these fields are called “Subtle Organizing Energy Fields” (SOEFs).

When the mind, body and spirit energy of the human body is in balance, the SOEFs that surround each vital organ are energized providing all the necessary energy that the vital organ needs to be healthy, the scientific definition of this state of being is negative entropy. Stress caused by negative emotions can cause an imbalance in the body separating the mind and spirit from the body the scientific definition for this state of being is positive entropy.

Fear and anxiety are the negative emotions of winter, and the negative energies of fear and anxiety will weaken the SOEFs that surround the Kidneys. Ki Energy treatments are very effective in bringing balance to the body by reviving negative entropy energy.
 Ki Energy Treatments during the winter months is a helpful way to reduce stress and negative emotions and remove toxins from the Kidneys and Bladder. If you would like additional information on this subject send an email to or call 646 329-6727

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