Saturday, August 25, 2018

How Far Can You See

How Far Can You See?

In a previous article I wrote about how important it is to be aware of and to learn how to use our all-seeing third eye, also known as the pineal gland. The third eye is in the front of the brain behind our forehead in between the two eyes we are aware of.  Many are not aware of the third eye, but many may not truly understand how far we can really see with the two eyes we are aware of.

One of my favorite Taoist authors Wu Wei answers the question of How Far Can You See in his book “The I Ching Handbook” by saying “Everything we see is inside our heads inside of each eye are close to hundred million rods and cones. These rods and cones are stimulated by the rays of light that enter your eye which, in turn, create impulses that travel along the optic nerve system to the brain.”

The brain receives those impulses and forms a picture. That picture is inside your head and formed by your brain, within your brain. Master Wei also writes that “We never actually see an object, the only thing we see are light rays being radiated by or reflected from objects.” The view we have of the world is simply a picture that appears to be outside, but actually it is all inside your head.

When I started thinking about this the Magic Eye 3D computer-generated illusions came to mind. If you look at the Magic Eye illusion for a while, a 3D image seems to “magically” appear, this will happen for some quicker then others.  I use a Magic Eye book at our center and in workshops as a tool to explain the concept of enlightenment. According to Wu Wei “Changing the way you see things is much easier then changing the things you see.”

We often react to the pictures we see in our heads based on social programming and past experiences. That’s why some will see a glass as half full others, while others will see the same glass as being half empty. This is another reason why I believe it is important to activate and learn to use the wisdom of our third eye; because we really can’t see that far with just our two eyes. It’s all in your head.

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