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Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire

Hearts of fire create love's desire”, that’s the way of the world according to
Earth, Wind and Fire, one of my favorite groups. Hearts of fire had a different meaning to me in 1978 than it has now. We're moving into the summer season - the season of the element of Fire. The five elements, Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal, are used in Taoist healing practices in China and Korea.  Each element is connected to a season, a Yin body organ, and a Yang body organ.

During the Fire element of summer, attention should be placed on bringing balance to the heart (yin) and the small intestine (yang) the fire organs of summer. The negative emotions that create an imbalance in the summer fire organs, such as over excitement of any kind, anger and anxiety, could create health problems. Male/female relationships heat up during the summer months which, if not monitored, can lead to over excitement, anxiety and, in some cases, anger. Remember, you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are a story in your head.  When you start making your thoughts a reality for yourself and others, you're likely to create an imbalance in the heart.

We tend to eat out more often during the summer months, mainly a lot of junk food. We tend to drink more liquids but usually not enough water. This can create an imbalance in the small intestine. Emotional toxins can also accumulate in the small intestine, usually caused or influenced by an imbalance in the heart organ.  If you're interested in ways to help your small intestine eliminate toxins and detox, I'd suggest investing in a body cleanse format during the summer.

A great self-help book is Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage, by Mantak and Maneewan Chia. This book has an easy-to-follow small intestine massage that’s very helpful during summer fire months. I also focus on internal organs when giving Chunsoo, a Taoist Ki Energy treatment.

Have fun during the summer season but try to maintain a balance in the heart and small intestine, the fire organs of summer. If you practice controlling the negative emotions that can affect the fire organs by clearing your head of unrealistic stories that create most negative emotions it will help you in maintaining that balance. A cool head can bring balance to the fire energy of summer.

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