Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th
I often wondered why Friday the 13th was considered a day of misfortune and bad luck. Whenever I have a question about numbers I seek advice from my good friend Lloyd Strayhorn. Lloyd Strayhorn is one of the most learned African American numerologists in the world with several numerology books on Lloyd’s first book “Numbers and You” has a chapter about Friday the 13th plus an understanding of the number 13 from the perspective of a numerologist.

In Ancient Kimet the number 13 was a symbol of power. Lloyd writes “the ancients described 13 as a “symbol of power, which if wrongly used, wreaks destruction upon itself” “He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion”. Until very recently the wisdom and philosophical thoughts of ancient Kimet were keep secret from the masses. The political power of religion made the study and/or practice of the knowledge and Mysticism of ancient Kimet a crime against the church; and ungodly.

It took 359 years for the Catholic Church on November 1, 1992 to admit that Galileo Galilei was not guilty of heresy for his belief that the earth and all other planets revolve around the Sun. Pope John Paul II acknowledged in a speech that “the church would rectify the wrong.” This was a major reason only members of secret societies had access to ancient Kimet wisdom. Galileo was influenced by Nicolaus Copernicus who was influenced by Aristarchus of Samos a Greek astrologer who studied in ancient Kimet centuries earlier during the time of Alexander. 

I made mention in past articles of how major figures in the development of the symbolism and philosophy of the new American government, leaders like Benjamin Franklyn, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington were members of secret societies they were either Masons or Rosicrucian. While being slave holders, the founding fathers built the symbolic foundation of the new government based on the number 13 using the ancient African Kimetic wisdom attached to that number.

On the Unite States Seal the number 13 is used 13 times. There are 13 stars, 13 strips, 13 arrows, 13 berries and 13 letters in the words on the seal. The Kimet pyramid on the one dollar bill has 13 blocks; the eagle on the other side is holding 13 arrows the United State started with 13 colonies, there were 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence and the corner stone of the first White House was laid on the 13th of October 1792 as part of a Masonic ceremony.

The true understanding and interpretation of the death figure on the 13th Tarot card symbolically did not mean a physical death or misfortune but a death to an old way of life and way of thinking; a change for the better. The founding fathers understood the symbolic power of the number 13. I hope you look at the number 13 in a different way now; especially those who expressed an anxiety coming to our Ki wellness Center located at 13 West 122nd Street.

 Ancient wisdom also warns of destruction upon those who misuse the power of the number 13. Some believe that the African Unconscious is catching up to the American foundation created by the founding fathers who used the wisdom, mysticism and knowledge of ancient Kemet has a guide. Now you know what they knew about the number 13.

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