Thursday, October 12, 2017

Body Maintenance

Body Maintenance
The Conscience Mind and the Sub-Conscience Mind can be considered as two components that form the engine that allows the body to run. Just as the engine in a car, allows the car to run. Even if the car engine is well toned and all the engine parts are working in harmony, the key body parts of the car must also be maintained for the car to run. The proper maintenance of a car can keep it running for a long time. The proper maintenance of our body can keep it running for a long time as well.

Some of us are more selective about the oil and gas that we put into our car then the food that we put into our body.  Many will not wait for their car to break down before scheduling a maintenance check; the same people will not consider body maintenance until the body breaks down.  All healing comes from within deprogramming the conscience mind will allow it to work in harmony with the sub conscience mind is always the first step in body maintenance.

There are many natural options available to help our body parts to function well. The mind of the universe has provided natural remedies’ that can cure most natural and manmade illnesses. Herbs, crystals and even our own Urine have been used to maintain the vital parts of our body for centuries. The human touch can also be a powerful natural healing tool.

Exercise  can keep the body parts running but some exercises like Tai Chi and Ki training may  be better options as the body parts begin to age. New energy body maintenance healing tools have been created by the Spiritual Science Movement. This movement led by quantum physic scientists who now embrace knowledge known to healers in Asia and Africa for centuries; “everything is made of vibrating energy including the human body”.

Nano technology products and zero-point energy tools like Tachyon products have joined ancient energy healing methods such as Chi, Ki Reiki and Prana strategies as useful tools for body maintenance. The key is to be proactive not reactive with your body maintenance strategy. The longevity of a car depends on the maintenance of the engine and the cars body. The longevity of your body depends on the maintenance of your mind and the working parts of your body.

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