Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Marketing of Wellness

The Marketing of Wellness
By: William A Rogers

The “Wellness Guru” Paul Zane Piltzer predicted the growth of the wellness industry more than two decades ago.  In 1999 Piltzer’s bestselling book “The Wellness Revolution” made the food and healthcare industries responsible for the fact that more than half of the U.S. population was unhealthy and overweight. It is for this reason Piltzer’s book focused on the then emerging wellness industry, that he said was ready to occupy the next trillion of the economy.

Currently, over one trillion dollars of the United States economy is devoted to the wellness industry. A recent McKinsey research report states that the North American Market for Alternative Medicine alone was 16.4 billion. The report said that 96% of American Adults use the internet to find health information, and a large percentage has become open to alternative medicine and holistic wellness options.

Three years ago I began producing Harlem Holistic Wellness Week (HHWW) this annual event traditionally starts on the last Saturday in April and ends on the first Saturday in May. The two major objectives of the week are to first provide a marketing platform for Harlem wellness practitioners, businesses and organizations in particular and wellness businesses in general.

The second objective is to provide an awareness campaign that encourages individuals to explore the many wellness programs and activities that can improve their health and quality of life naturally. The dates for year’s Harlem wellness week are Saturday April 29th to Saturday May 6th. This year’s theme is “Discovering Wellness Options for Women”

Participating wellness businesses, practitioners and organizations will be asked to focus and market services and products that provide natural health options to females. A major feature this year will be the promotion of the “Now We No” ( female health and awareness campaign. This awareness campaign created by the Nspire Network Wellness Company will introduce a series of natural products that will become a game changer in the feminine hygiene industry.

There will be “Nowweno” information workshops at the Ki Energy Center and other wellness locations throughout wellness week. These workshops will provide information that can improve or perhaps in some cases save the lives of females who attend. The workshops will also provide information on developing business opportunities in the rapidly growing wellness industry. 
The April 27th issue of the Harlem Community Newspaper will have a schedule of wellness week events, activities and workshops. If you are a holistic wellness practitioner, business or organization and would like to participate in this year’s Harlem Holistic Wellness Marketing program, send an email to or call 646 329-6727 no later than April 19th.

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