Thursday, November 17, 2016

All Things are Beneficial

All Things are Beneficial
Taoist author and Master Wu Wei often writes that the world works in perfect order and all things are beneficial. This is not a concept that is easy to embrace. We all experience disappointments tragedy, and situations that might not seem to be beneficial. According to Master Wei we can view disappointments and tragedy with questions of why or questions of how.
You can ask “Why did such a terrible thing happen to me” or “How can I learn to grow from this experience”; you have a choice. If you allow patience, faith and a belief that a benefit can be found in all things your ability to overcome disappointment and tragedy will be greater than if you allow disappointment and tragedy to darken your spirit and faith.

How often have we experienced what seemed to be a negative experience at the time, but in time realized that if that experience had not taken place a more positive experience could not have taken place. We are all connected to the mind of the universe and that connection allows for our thoughts to manifest into reality. There is a reason for all things if you encounter a negative experience embrace it and use it as a tool for growth. Think about what you want and not what you fear.

Fear and Doubt are the two greatest barriers to spiritual growth and development. When we doubt our abilities and fear failure it is very difficult to succeed. It is not the falling down that makes us strong it’s the ability to keep getting up. I believe we are in a time where our spiritual growth depends on looking for the benefit in all things. We often find what we are looking for.

There is a great deal of disappointment in America currently, it was for this reason I started to reflect on the concept of Master Wu Wei and in some small way share it with others. This I believe is a time to focus on how to use disappointment as a tool for mental and spiritual growth.

We are moving into the next stage of human development our ability to manifest our thoughts into reality are greater than they have been for thousands of years. We are in a new universal cycle of energy that started in 2012. We have to be very careful about how and what we think about. The ability to manifest thoughts into reality has been enhanced. When you look for the benefit within a disappointing or negative experience you are creating thoughts that can manifest into material well-being and growth for you and for others.

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