Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DNA The Key to Life

DNA, the Key to Life
In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick announced their discovery of the genetic DNA code to the world. Wayne Chandler made note in the book “African Presence in Early Asia” (by Runoko Rashidi and Ivan Van Sertima) that the sixty-four binary triplet hexagrams in the Taoist classic book of change known as the I Ching, corresponds directly to the sixty-four binary triplet figures called DNA codons discovered by Watson and Crick.

It seems that while modern-day science is just discovering the secrets to the key to life, research is showing that ancient Taoist wisdom addressed answers to questions we are still asking today, questions such as Who are we? and What is our purpose in life? In 2000 J. Craig Ventor and Francis Collins announce the sequence of the entire human genome. Their project known as the Human Genome Project created data files of twenty to twenty-five thousand genes in human DNA, and the three billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA.

In 2003, science finished mapping the sequence of the human DNA. This has allowed for advances in health research and also police and legal work. Ancient Taoist believed that our genes can be altered by our emotions and experiences. Margret Ruby supports this ancient theory in her book “DNA of Healing”. Ruby writes about ways to program your DNA for health wealth and positive relationships.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo writes in his international bestselling book “Eat Right for Your Type”, that “a single drop of blood contains the entire genetic code of a human being. This DNA blueprint contains eons of genetic memory passed on from our ancestors”. Dr. D’Adamo’s  blood type diet gives a break down about foods that individuals should or should not eat according to their blood type.

The belief that memory locked in human DNA that is passed on by our Ancestors not only determines the color of our eyes and hair, but our behavior patterns is not new. Ancestor healing techniques have been practiced in Asia, Africa and South America for thousands of years. We now see both ancient wisdom and modern science agreeing that ancestor training can address negative unconscious programming that we inherit from DNA passed on from generation to generation.

Techniques for neutralizing the negative unconscious programming  that we all inherit from genes passed on from generation to generation; cannot be effective unless the exercise is approached with faith, an open mind and a desire to improve the quality of life.  Negative unconscious programming can affect the ability to maintain positive relationships both personal and professional. Good health, financial  stability and personal growth can also be affected by negative unconscious programming.   

If you would like to learn more about ways to neutralize negative unconscious programming  the Ruby book gives suggested options, you can also visit the Ki Energy Center to learn ways to address this issue. Call 646 329-6727 for additional information  send a email to


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