Monday, April 25, 2016

Life is What You Make It

Life is What You Make It
There is an old saying “You are who you think you are”, like most old sayings there is a visible and invisible truth to them. The invisible truth to the above statement is due to social programing, most people do not know who they are; they often let social programing give them the illusion of who they think that they are. When you learn to understand who you really are and the abilities that were given to you at birth; you can become who and what you want to be.

In most cases a lack of productivity in personal development is a lack of understanding of self. Many will blame other people or things on an unhappy or difficult life. This truth may be difficult to embrace but no one or thing can truly make your life happy or unhappy. Life is truly what you make it. The foundation of happiness and sadness is internal.
Happiness and sadness are frequencies of mind energy. Sadness, anger, envy and hate are low frequencies of mind energy; and can be harmful to your health. Happiness, hope, faith and love are high frequencies of mind energy; they are very important for good health. Without good health it is difficult to enjoy the material world. Since high frequencies of mind energy are key factors in preserving good health, positive thoughts are important no matter whom you think you are.

Some might say if I am unhappy it is difficult to have positive thoughts. My thoughts would be as stated before, no one or situation can make you angry or unhappy; you make yourself angry or unhappy. It is easy to place the blame on someone or something else. We are programed to think a certain way, the next time you find yourself unhappy or angry try to deprogram yourself and change the frequency of your thought from negative to positive. The difficulty in doing this will give you an idea of how deep your social programing is.

You are what you think you are, you are special. This does not mean that you are better than anyone else; it just means that you have the ability to change your life anytime you wish. Thought manifestation is one of the special gifts that we often misuse. What we think about the most will manifest into our reality. When you understand that you have all that you need to be happy right now, it can change your life. As the saying goes “when you understand that you don’t need anything, you will be able to have everything”. 

Life is truly what you make it, if you understand who you are. Don’t let the illusionary social programed self that you think you are make your life unhappy. Find your real self and allow happiness and love to flow into your life.

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