Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sleeping Naked Can Improve Your Health

Sleeping Naked Can Improve Your Health
 I recently came across two article suggesting that sleeping naked could improve your help. Studies show that getting less than six hour of sleep per night can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It seems the short sleep duration can lead to an elevated risk of IFG (incident-impaired fasting glucose). This elevated blood sugar can cause heart disease and diabetes. IFG can also cause weight gain.

The quality of sleep is important, four hours of uninterrupted quality sleep can be more helpful then six hours of interrupted less quality sleep, and many studies show that sleeping naked can improve the quality of sleep.  Sleeping next to a loved one or thinking of a loved one can stimulate a hormone known as oxytocin, also referred to as the “love hormone.”

Oxytocin can induce anti-stress-like effects by reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels. Studies show a stimulated oxytocin hormone can also lead to mental and psychical healing. Those who have lost the ability or desire to stimulate their love hormone tend to age faster than those who have not lost that loving feeling. Sleeping naked may be a helpful to those who need a little oxytocin stimulation.

The body needs to be cool in order for you to sleep well. During a cold night you might not want to take off your clothes to get in bed. If you have the heat up, your heavy PJs on, under the sheets and one or more blankets, the quality of your sleep may not be good because of an overheated body.  Research is finding that regulating sleep temperature can bring relief to sufferers of insomnia.

There are two types of insomnia; people with sleep onset insomnia have difficulty getting to sleep. People with sleep maintenance insomnia fall asleep easily but will wake up a number of times during the night. In both types the quality of sleep is not good, and sufferers usually have a lack of energy during the day.
Keeping the body cool while sleeping will improve the quality of sleep; and sleeping naked can help keep the body cool. This is something that you can explore yourself. It may take a little deprogramming for some to jump into the bed with no clothes on. We have been programed to put on something when we go to bed. If you are like me sleeping naked was not part of my natural self-healing strategy but I suggest you try it for a few nights and see how you feel.
I like how I feel when I wake up after sleeping nude; I feel relaxed even if I only had a few hours’ sleep.  Stress reduction, weight lost, better quality of sleep, I thought it might be worth a try, I am glad I did. Sleeping naked might take a little getting used to but most can feel a difference when waking up from a quality sleep.

I would be interested in learning how you feel after three or four nights of sleeping in the nude. Send me an email at, if I get a few interesting responses about the benefits experienced by sleeping naked I will invite you to be a guest to discuss your experience on my  Urbanology wellness radio show at WHCR 90.3FM ( For more information about this subject you can also call the Ki  Wellness Center at 646 329-6727

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