Thursday, November 12, 2015

Flu Season Health Strategies

Flu Season Health Strategies
Many have been concerned about the controversy surrounding the effectiveness and side effects of the flu vaccine. The most important thing to do now to prepare for Flu season which is around January and February is to straighten your immune system I will come back to this in a moment; first I would like to address the effectiveness of flu shots.   

Flu vaccines are being manufactured now to be ready for the peak flu season.
According to Dr. Mark Stengler in his book “Natural Healing Encyclopedia” “researchers can never be absolutely sure at this early stage of manufacturing flu vaccine what strain of flu virus will prominent during the peak season; it’s a guessing game.  A premade vaccine manufactured in November 2015 may not be the right one for a 2016 virus strain. Dr. Stengler calls it “flu vaccine roulette.”

Recent studies have proven that flu vaccine that contains a preservative known as thimerosal which is laced with toxic mercury can be harmful. Mercury can damage the brain, central nervous system, immune system, thyroid along with other vital organs. This alarming research has resulted in most single-dose flu vaccine vials being mercury-free; but many multi-dose vials still contain thimerosal.

Before you get a flu shot in a pharmacy or a doctor’s office make sure you ask whether a single-dose or a multi-dose vial is being used. Also make sure you ask if the vaccine has thimerosal in it. If it is a multi-dose vial there is a high probability the mercury is in it. The reason why many people become ill after getting a flu shot is due to the many dangerous ingredients used to preserve and extend the shelf life of the flu vaccine.

There are natural strategies available to help fight the flu. At the Ki Center we use a number of flu prevention options that focus on a strong immune system. A homeopathic remedy known as Influenzinum  is often  recommended by Master Ji  during one  of her consultations on flu prevention at the Ki center. 

Influenzinum works on the same principles as flu vaccine without the toxic side effects.  It introduces a “vibratory frequency” of the strains to the body’s immune system.  A recent survey of 23 homeopathic practitioners found that 90 percent of 453 people who took Influenzinum did not get the flu.

You can purchase Influenzinum at a good health food store or you can make an appointment at the ki center to learn more about Influenzinum and other immune building flu season health strategies. For further information call 646 329-6727 or send an email to

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