Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life After Death

Life After Life
Death is a concept that seems to become more pronounced as we grow older, and start to feel that our time in this world is growing shorter. The average human has a degree of fear of the unknown and while there are many theories about what happens when a person dies; no one really knows. The foundations of most religions focus on a theory of life after death. If you live a certain way you will experience everlasting happiness. If you don’t live a certain way your soul or spirit will suffer. Faith plays a major part in how many of us live and to some, how they die. 

Science has proven that all things are made of different degrees of vibrating energy including humans; science also tells us that energy never dies it just changes form. There is a great deal of scientific research available for any one that is interested concerning the functioning of consciousness independently of the body. Raymond Moody has two books that are case studies on near death experiences (NDE’s) and shared death experiences (SDE’s).

 Life after Death provides a great deal of research on NDE’s and Sharing a Loved One’s Passage from This Life to The Next, is a case study with interviews of families who experienced the mysterious phenomenon of a SDE. A number of individuals all seeing beautiful lights or hearing music at the death bed of a loved one at the same time are some of the experiences documented in the Moody book.

I truly believe that death is not the end it is a new beginning; I also believe that if a loved one passes faith will allow you to maintain contact with the spiritual energy of that person, if you believe that you can. Fear and doubt must be put aside and when you can do that it might be in a dream or an intuitive thought that comes to you when seeking help in a difficult situation but if you truly believe you will feel and understand the supporting energy when it comes. It is very difficult to lose a loved one but they are only truly lost if you believe that they are.

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