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Acknowledge, Intent and Faith Part I

Acknowledge, Intent and Faith
Part I

Understanding how to communicate with your ancestors is now becoming a very important area of study for individuals and practitioners interested in exploring new life changing options. The Spiritual Science Movement has provided scientifically based theories about the conscious mind existing outside of the body. A major foundation for this theory is the proven fact that everything in our universe is a form of vibrating energy. 
Thoughts are a form of vibrating energy that can be transported over distance time and space. Quantum Physics experiments have produced scientific evidence of a fourth dimension where energy particles disappear into and then reappear into our dimension.  There is also a great deal of research on out of body and after death experiences.

 Dr. John Turner, a respected neurosurgeon in Hawaii wrote a bestselling book about after death experiences. The book is based on his research and interviews with patients who were clinically dead and then revived.  “Medicine, Miracles and Manifestations”,  is the title of Dr. Turner’s book, which is one of many that provide strong evidence that the conscious mind can exist outside of the human body. 

My Korean Taoist training suggests that individuals are influenced by the energy of their ancestors by a minimum of 400 years and in some cases even longer. There are three strategies that form the base of ancestor training exercises at our Harlem Ki Energy Center. The three strategies are Acknowledge, Intent and Faith. Understanding how to us the three strategies is the first step towards communicating and healing your ancestors. If you can do this it will create new options for possibilities that can change the quality of your life.

Acknowledge: for some it is difficult to set aside programed beliefs that hinder their abilities to manifest a material reality through thought. Many others have acknowledged the possibility of being influenced by the energy of their ancestors which will allow them to be more open minded in reading this dialogue.

Intent: I believe it would be safe to say that anyone reading this dialog is being influenced directly or indirectly by their ancestors. In ancestor training, the intended focus on ways of communicating with our ancestors helps the conscious mind to allow the subconscious mind and the super conscious mind to create possibilities of communication without major interruptions.
That is why rituals are always important in the beginning of ancestor training. Preparing food, special chanting and meditation rituals are all part of the concept of Intent, and your conscience mind must accept the reason for the ritual, which is to open a line of communications with the energy of your ancestors with an intended specific purpose. 

Faith: we were born with the ability to intuitively communicate with the mind of the universe and the energy of our ancestors. The acknowledgment of this ability presents a useful tool for navigating the new phase of human evolution we are now experiencing. Faith takes away the doubt; it allows us to believe in our abilities. Gratitude is an important part of faith. 

To truly understand the miracle of life is to be thankful
The practice of intent, will allow the three minds (conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious) to work together to open a line of communication with the mind of the universe and your ancestors. If you can have faith in your ability what seems to be impossible can be made possible with the help of your ancestors.

Next week in part two of this dialogue I will discuss what I now believe to be a misunderstanding of what exactly ancestor healing means. For more information on ancestor training visit or call 917 806-1801

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