Monday, October 5, 2009

Chunsoo the Way of Ki

I was introduced to Ki treatments and training in 2000 by Laura Abadsantos, who was my financial advisor at the time. I was recuperating from an eight year battle that my late wife, Carmen, lost with cancer in 1989 - and I was in need of financial advice and planning. In the fourth year of my wife’s battle her doctors pretty much gave up on her. That is when we turned to Holistic health options.

I learned a great deal about alternative methods that could address health issues, which gave Carmen almost three and a half more years than the doctors had predicted. Carmen’s last words to me were that she was at peace because she now understood that she had to go through what she did to prepare me for what I had to do.

I told this story to Laura (who was also a Ki master) and she introduced me to an ancient Korean form of stress management called Chunsoo. Ki masters use sound vibration and touch to open energy blockages in the body. The electromagnetic nature of human energy allows it to flow through interlocking energy channels. A Chunsoo treatment, which is a form of acupressure, improves the balance and flow of the body’s vital energy. This process reduces stress, thus giving the body the opportunity to self-heal. Ki treatments and training helped me to improve the quality of my life and I also saw how it could be helpful to others. I now know that this was what I was being prepared for.

In 2001 I found myself in the mountains of South Korea learning an ancient healing martial arts form from senior Ki masters that had been secretly passed down from generation to generation. After my training – which culminated with me taking the vow to never use my Ki abilities for personal monetary profit - I returned to America as the first African-American trained as a Ki master. All things in life happen for a reason. I married Laura in 2002 and we now have a beautiful daughter, Kia, who is named after the way of Ki. I know that this, too, is all part of the great design.

I invite you to experience a Chunsoo Ki treatment this weekend, October 10th and 11th, at the WBLS Circle of Sisters expo ( at the Jacob Javits Center. We will also have a Chunsoo exhibit next week (October 16th-17th ) at the New Life Natural Health and Fitness Expo ( which is being presented at the Hotel New Yorker, located at 34th Street and 8th Avenue. Chunsoo Ki treatments are also given on Wednesdays at Toni’s Touch Day Spa in Harlem, by appointment only. Call 212 234-1171 ( For more information on Ki treatments send an email to or call 917 806-1801.

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