Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today there are many people in the world who believe that there’s no such thing as coincidence. The concept of a pattern and reason for everything we experience is very ancient. But I believe human evolution is moving to the next stage of consciousness - where coincidence has a place. Which is why I often write about the spiritual/science movement that is bringing ancient wisdom and modern science closer together.

I recently picked up a book entitled Atlantis by David Gibbins. It was interesting to me because, like Dan Brown’s work, David Gibbins tells a story loaded with real facts. I was planning to take a trip with my family so I packed the book. I also picked up The I Ching Handbook, by Wu Wei, since I’ll be conducting a four week introductory workshop to the I Ching this fall at The City College of New York’s Adult and Continuing Education Program www.ccny.cuny.edu/ace .

I immediately opened the Handbook to a page that read, “Because you are reading this, be aware that the Universe, in its complete awareness, has brought you together with what you need.” I bought the book. Due to bad weather our travel plans changed overnight. After spending hours working with the airlines and hotels the only place that was available within our travel itinerary was the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

I was always intrigued by the legend of the advanced human minds that ruled a land called Atlantis in 5500 B.C. with technology as advanced the twentieth century’s. Somehow the continent and technology of Atlantis was destroyed, only the legend remains. There are many theories as to what could have happened. The one that fits best here is that “the human evolution” was too fast and technology separated the Atlantiens from the mind of the universe. Some believe we may be close to a similar fate if we aren’t careful. That’s why I believe that the spiritual/science movement is very important.

Wu Wei writes, “It is of utmost importance that you become aware that you and your Universe are in constant communication…we speak to the Universe with our words, thoughts and actions. The Universe speaks to us with events.” Wu goes on to say “Events are the language of the Universe, an example of that communication is what we call coincidence.”

If we can accept what we call coincidence as the Universe talking to us, and our words, thoughts and actions as our way of communicating to the mind of the universe, our ability to improve the quality of our life and the lives of others will be enhanced. I’ll be the first to admit that this is not an easy concept to grasp. If you’re reading this article the Universe is communicating to you based on your thoughts, actions or words. We’re connected because it was the same universal communication that motivated me to write this article from Atlantis. Perhaps in time we will understand the

Or not.

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