Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Age of Integrity
Urbanology Systems November 20th 2008

Webster’s Dictionary defines integrity as a strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct. Personal honesty and unity is also part of Webster’s definition of integrity. We currently live in what I believe to be an environment of change. A change towards a mind set where true value is placed on honesty and unity. Not due to a voluntary mind shift towards altruistic values in our collective consciences, but for survival. For the world and mankind to survive the competitive mind must be replaced by the creative mind in our collective conscience.

We have lived for many generations in the competitive mind set, an environment of limitations where fortunes have been made on the backs of or at the expense of others.
A time where integrity fairness and honesty was all to often associated with weakness, foolishness, and a path way to failure especially in business and politics. An environment that replaced spirituality with the politics of religion. I believe we are now experiencing the beginning of a change from the completive mind set of limitations to the creative mind set of abundance, The Age of Integrity.

This new Age of Integrity will be the next major step in the evolution of mankind. I believe this change will take place because of the natural law of survival and adaptation a natural law that has brought us to our current state. Many are now beginning to understand that if the earth is to continue to support mankind integrity will have to reestablish it’s self in both business and politics. This concept is not new as the saying goes timing is everything. Wallace D. Wattles talked about the creative mind set in the late 1800’s in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” We are now in a time and place where our survival instincts are beginning to associate creative thinking and integrity with winning.

This change my not be fully realized in my life time but I feel blessed to have the vision to see its beginning. All too often visionaries experience a great deal of loneliness and ridicule. For this reason only the very few that have had the courage and endurance to follow their vision and most importantly to enroll others into their vision have been recognized or remembered. So I would like to enroll you into the possibility of a world where the best and most successful business practice is to create profit not at the expense of others but in some way to benefit others.

Wattles was ahead of his time when he wrote “when you can give a person more in use value than you take in cash value; you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction”. All reality as we know or believe it to be starts with a thought. Thought manifestation is real we do it all of the time. In the Age of Integrity the me generation will be replaced by the us generation, more fortunes will be made by creative ways of helping others and improving the quality of life then the old competitive way. Nature is selective in the New Age a lack of integrity will make you extinct. Don’t take my word for this just open your eyes and look around it’s just the beginning but the change to a new age has started.

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