Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Experiences Are Beneficial

Over the years, life experiences have brought me to where I am right now, as they have with you, the reader of this dialogue. Those experiences have been enhanced and enriched by my study of Taoism - a philosophy that considers personal acts that follow the Laws of the Universe - the Way. Understanding the Way has become a life-long journey that I 'm still on. I have grown, over time, to realize that there is a greater value in learning to accept the Way than in trying to understand the Way. Accepting that all things have a purpose and are connected to a greater good, or a master plan as some might say. The key word here is faith.

To avoid the debate between the concept of religion and the concept of spirituality, I will refer to the master plan as being the Mind of the Universe.

There is a school of thought in Taoist philosophy that considers the Mind of the Universe to be perfect, and all experiences to be beneficial. When we reflect on many of our personal experiences, or situations that we see people experiencing throughout the world, it can be difficult to accept all experiences as being beneficial. That is where faith can be challenged.

If you can accept the thought that we are, for the most part, imperfect beings living in a perfect world, it will be easer to accept that all experiences are necessary - even if many of those experiences will cause you to question why, or how, they could have happened. When you have a negative experience you have two paths to take. One is the path of fear, anger or sorrow. The other is the path of acceptance. Learning how to grow stronger from the knowledge gained from a negative experience can bring you closer to understanding your true purpose in life, as difficult as that might seem to be at the time of the experience.

Science now has proof that everything in our existence has a vibration, which confirms the ancient Taoist Yin and Yang concept of all things being part of the universe, and the universe being a part of all things. I believe that the universe is currently in the process of experiencing a frequency change and that compassion, acceptance and faith will be important human frequency factors necessary for staying on the positive side of that change.

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If you can learn to accept the concept that every experience has a benefit, it will bring you closer to understanding the Way.

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